Noodle -Rice

Pad Thai

Stir fried wide rice noodle and pork gravy

Stir fried mung bean noodle


Spicy tomato meat sauce/dip

Fried rice shrimp

Ground pork rice soup


Twin Singapore chicken and rice

Thai- Chinese noodle Stir fried


Green Curry

Massaman curry

             Fried Foods

Shrimp cake

Thai fish cake : Todd Mun Plah


Thai Omelet

Fried fermented country style ribs (pork)

Fish in garden : fried fish with herb sauce

Fried egg with tamarind sauce

Bitter melon omelet

Chicken Tamarind sauce

         Grill Foods

Spicy grill stea

Thai grill chicken

                                                                               BBQ Pork on stick
 Stir Fried

Thai Basil stir fried


Stir fried bean sprout and tofu

Pad khing : Stir fried chicken with ginger

chicken jalapeno stir fried

Eggplant Stir fried with Thai Basil

Asparagus and shrimp stir fried

       Steam foods

Steam fish with salted chinese plum

Kai Toon- Steam egg with ground meat

spicy lime/ lemon fish


Spicy fried chicken salad

slow roasted spare ribs
stuffing egg