Monday, August 22, 2011

Pha luy sown: fish in the garden (fried fish with herb sauce)

I know this dish has a funny name.  That is because this dish uses the fried fish and is topped with a kind of vegetable and herb that makes it like the fish that gets caught in the garden!!!   This dish is very healthy because it has fish and herb that is good for you.

This time I made this fish, because my friend invited me to her house and of course when Thai people get together we always remember to think about food!!!  She told me that she got a whole red snapper (her husband went  fishing and caught it himself) we decided to make this dish, since she got her fish then I brought my garden….


1 whole fish or 2 filet fish

2 tbsp. corn starch

Salt-pepper for seasoning fish

Oil for deep fried the fish


1 diced lime (with peel)

 ¼ cup diced ginger

¼ cup sliced lemon grass

¼ cup roasted peanut

¼ cup mint leave

2 tbsp. chop fresh chili (optional)

4 tbsp. lime juice

4 tbsp. fish sauce

2 tbsp. simple syrup

2 tbsp. water

1 tbsp. Num Prick Paw paste (if you don’t have it use dry chili for seasoning)

Cooking instructions

1.       Seasoning the fish with salt and pepper then coat with corn starch.  Deep fry it in 350 degee hot oil about 10 minutes on each side (for the whole fish) or until it is cooked then put it on the serving plate.

2.       Meanwhile in the mixing bowl add lime juice, fish sauce, simple syrup, Num Prick paw  paste and water mix well.

3.       When serving add all of the ingredients except mint leaves into mixing bowl toss it 2-3 times then pour on the fish then sprinkle it with mint leave.

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