Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kai Toon : Steam egg with ground meat.

Another comfort food that is easy to make and tastes good (even my 21 month old daughter can help make it).  In Thailand we eat eggs in every meal and in America everyone just likes to eat eggs for breakfast (because when I cook eggs in different parts of the day my husband looks at me like I am confused with the time).  I also have many egg recipes that will change your mind about eggs!!!

For this dish it looks almost like egg cake that has ground meat in it (usually we use ground pork, but today I got chicken so I grounded it and used it instead of meat).  When you dig into it has some of the clear soup coming out of it.  This dish will have you falling in love with this dish like my daughter.

3 eggs
3/4 cup water
2 OZ ground pork
2 tbsp. soy sauce or fish sauce
1 tbsp. green onion
Fried garlic and pepper
 Cooking instructions

1.       In a large microwavable bowl add ground pork and 1 tsp.  soy sauce mix well
2.       Then add eggs and soy sauce beat it with a fork then add water and mix it well
3.       Cover with a lid or microwavable plastic warp then put it into the microwave for 10 minutes in high heat.
4.       Take it out and add green onions on the top, then cover it and microwave it for 7 minutes.
5.       Top with fried garlic and pepper

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