Monday, August 8, 2011

Grilled eggplant Salad : Yum Ma kher Pow


                When I was kid I didn’t really like eggplant in my food too much, but this menu changed my mind.  It uses grilled eggplant then it is topped with dressing that has ground pork and pounded dried shrimp on the top, but I tried to make it easy to find ingredients so I used cooked shrimp instead and it came out tasting very good, so you got to try this.


2 Japanese or Chinese eggplant

¼ cup ground pork

4 shrimp (peeled and devined)

2 tbsp. lime juice

2 tbsp. fish sauce

1 tsp. sugar or 2 tsp. simple syrup

1-3 tsp. finely chopped chili

2 tbp. Slice shallot

2 tbsp. mint

1 hard boil egg

Cooking instructions

1.       Grill eggplant until it becomes soft, that lets it cool down and then you can peel the skin off and cut it into 1 inch pieces.

2.       In a pot add 4 tbsp. water bring it to a boil then add ground pork and stir it until it cooked, then add shrimp and continue stirring until shrimp is cooked.  Turn the heat off and retain the stock for dressing

3.       In the mixing bowl add lime juice, fish sauce and sugar stir it until sugar dissolves then add chili,  shallot, cooked pork and shrimp with stock and then toss everything together well.

4.       Arrange eggplants on the serving plate then pour the dressing on the top of the eggplant and garnish with mint and serve with a hard boil egg.

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