Friday, August 19, 2011

Salted Chinese plum drink

                Salted Chinese plum is a one of the ingredients that I already use in one of our dishes called steamed fish with salted Chinese plum sauce.  It tastes salted and sour and it most use it in Thai-Chinese cuisine.  

Salted Chinese plum

                In Thailand we can also use it to make a drink too.  For this drink I don’t know who invented this drink, but the thing I know is this drink is so good.  The taste of salted, sour and sweet of the drink will make you never have enough of it.  This drink can have it hot or cold.  My great-grand mother loves to drink the hot kind she says it will help you when you get sore throat, but for me I like it as a cold drink it is so refreshing.  Today I will make it the cold way, but I will make it 2 ways one is the original and another is with soda for my experiment and we will see how it goes!!!

Note : Today I used ginger ale, but you can also use lemon lime soda or sparkling water for the soda recipe.

Ingredients: 2 servings

2 salted Chinese plums with 2 tsp. of juice from the jar

¼ cup simple syrup  (one part of sugar one part of water bring it to a boil and let it cool)

Pinch of salt

2 tsp. lemon juice

½ cup water (for original recipe)

½ cup soda (for soda recipe)

2 cups ice

Mixing instructions

1.       Add plum and juice in to a cup and mash it until plum breaks down

2.       Add salt, lemon juice, simple syrup, stir till mixed well

3.       Serving instructions:  Add  ½ of mixture into a glass full with ice then

a.       original recipe : add ½ cup water stir it well until ready to serve  

b.      soda recipe : add ½ cup soda stir it well until ready to serve

Now I already try both of them and I can make the decision which one is better, so I’ll let you try it and let me know which one you like the most!!!!

PS: You can try to add sprite into it also!!!

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  1. Where do you find the jar of salted plums? I can't find them on the internet anywhere.