Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Asparagus and shrimp stir fried : Pad Nor Mai Farung Kub Kung

                This is one of another common type of Thai dish that is fast and very easy.  This dish is not spicy the ingredients are easy to find.  We stir fried Asparagus with any kind of meat or without meat but the most famous one is shrimp, because it tastes good and looks pretty (green and pink) so let’s get started!!!

Ingredients : 1 serving ; cooking time : 7 minute

½ lb. asparagus trim the woody end off cut into 1 inch pieces

7 shrimp

1 tsp. oyster sauce

2 tsp. soy sauce

1/2 tsp. sugar

1 globe minced garlic

1 tbsp. water

1 tbsp. oil

Cooking instructions

1.       In the hot pan add oil and garlic cook garlic until golden brown

2.       Add shrimp stir it until shrimp cooked (turn pink) then add asparagus stir it then add all of the ingredients stir it until mixed well and the asparagus is cooked.

3.       Turn the heat off, serve with steamed rice or as a side dish.

That is how easy it is!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Indeed, my sister and I loved cooking together. We always discover different recipes like stir fry sauce. I will recommend this one to her and I'm sure she will like this very much. Keep sharing!