Monday, September 26, 2011

Pad Prick On : chicken jalapeño Stir fried

                Ok now you will have a question why jalapenos are in Thai food??  Actually this dish in Thailand we use one kind of chili that looks like a banana pepper, but as spicy as a jalapeno and because it is easy for me to find jalapeno anyway that is why I use it instead.  This dish is one of my favorites when I was a kid, because it is not too spicy (for me) but it’s got a little kick to the taste of the dish.  It will be a little spicy, salty and a little sweet but it is very good with rice.  I hope you will like it.

 Ingredients : 1 serving

1 chicken breast cut into bite sizes

½ onion

3  jalapenos

2 tbsp. oyster sauce

1 tsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. fish sauce

1 tsp. sugar

3 tbsp. water

1 globe minced garlic

1 tbsp. oil

Cooking instructions

1.       Add a pinch of sugar and ½ tsp. of soy sauce into chicken and marinate about 5-10 minutes

2.       Meanwhile cut onion into a half-moon and jalapeno into strips.

3.       In the hot pan add oil and garlic, cook garlic until golden brown

4.       Add chicken stir it until cooked then add onion and jalapeno stir it 2 times then add all of the ingredients stir it until mixed well and the jalapeno is cooked.

5.       Turn the heat off and serve with steamed rice.

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