Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bitter melon omelet

                To be continued from last blog I made bitter melon soup to cheer me up and I have some of the bitter melon left over.  So this menu popped up in my head bitter melon omelet.  My mom names this dish “Emerald egg” because after you cook it the omelet becomes bright green like an emerald (very pretty).  Usually In Thailand we eat this omelet with all kinds of spicy dipping sauce or you can serve with siracha sauce and rice is good also.  This dish has a little secret, it is to have you squeeze all of the bitter out of the bitter melon with salt before mixing with egg, that will help make this dish not too bitter even my little girl can eat it!!!



1 bitter melon sliced really thin

1 tbsp. salt

3 eggs

4 tbsp. Vegetable oil for fried

Cooking instructions

1.       In the mixing bowl add thin sliced bitter melon and salt squeeze it until you get the juice out of the bitter melon then pour the juice out, repeat about 2 times 

2.       Meanwhile heat the oil at medium high heat until the oil is hot

3.       Add eggs into the bitter melon then beat until mixed well

4.       Add the egg mixture into hot oil fry about 2-3 minutes per side or until the omelet becomes golden brown on each side.

5.       Take it off from the pan serving with steamed rice and spicy dipping sauce or siracha sauce.

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