Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shrimp fried rice : Khaw Pad Kung

            Yesterday I felt very lazy.  Around 4 pm my hubby asked me “Honey! What are we having  tonight?”. Oh my god !!! I forgot to go to the grocery store.  I opened the refrigerator and all I had left over was steamed rice and some eggs, checked in the freezer and got a bag of frozen shrimp (I always have frozen shrimp in my hand).  So the easy menu popped up in my head “fried rice shrimp” my family’s favorite.
            Fried rice is a very common Asian food that you can find in a lot of countries and one of America’s favorite.  In Thailand we have a lot of kinds of fried rice, the regular one with all kinds of meat like chicken, shrimp, pork, crab and seafood.  We also have a difference kind of ingredient in it, some of them have a shrimp paste and some of them have a lot of ingredients in it. (I think we can make everything fried rice almost) but I have to tell you all about those recipes in the future, because today we are going to start with basic fried rice.
            The key of fried rice is you need to use dry cooked rice meaning when you cook rice don’t put too much water in it (you can find how to cook rice in the rice blog), and it would be better if the rice is cold or sat overnight, so the left over rice is the best.  Also another important thing if you cook fried and you want egg in it, you need to cook the egg before you pour rice in with it. 

 That will make your rice look and taste good because if you put the egg after the rice has been fried, the rice will become fried cake rice or soggy rice.  For this recipe there is a little bit of difference from the original Thai food, because I put butter at the end to make the dish smell even better!!!  That’s why this recipe is a modern Thai food recipe.  Now get started cooking!!

½ pound shrimp
2 cups of fried rice
2 eggs
¼ cup diced onion (if you don’t like it leave it out)
1 tbsp.  minced garlic.
 ¼ cup frozen pea and carrot (you can put any kind of vegetable you like)
3 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 tbsp. soy sauce (it’s up to you)
1 tbsp. butter (but If you don’t want it leave it out)

Cooking Instructions
1.      Preheat the large pan at high heat, pour the oil, when the oil gets hot turn back to medium high heat.

2.      Add garlic cook it until golden, add shrimp stir until it cooks then set aside.

3.      Add egg stir it just until it scrambles egg, then add onion stir about a couple times add rice and keep stirring.

4.      Add soy sauce all over the rice, keep stirring it until mixed well (all rice turn into brown color) keep stirring.
5.      Add pea and carrot keep stirring them about 2-3 minute

6.      At the end add butter stir until butter melted all over the rice, Turn the heat off.
7.      For Thai traditional we serve with slice cucumber and lime fish sauce and chili dipping sauce (recipe in Thai Basil stir fried blog), or for my hubby I serve with siracha sauce.

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