Friday, March 11, 2011

I’m going to visit Thailand

Yes…. I’m going to visit Thailand this spring to visit my friends, family, show off my baby and of course eat Thai food and Thai fruit.  This time I plan to visit this season, because it’s fruit season and all of the delicious fruit like Durian, mango street, Thai mango, rambutant
and a lot more line up for me to eat.  Also it is Thai new year called Song Kran.  Song Kran is a big festival in Thailand that we celebrate on April 13 thru April 15.  In the past Song Kran has been celebrated only on April 13.  That is the day Thai people will go to the temple to make merit for the family that already has passed away and after the ceremony all of the young people will throw water on each other but nobody can get mad because it is a traditional.  The reason for throwing water is for cooling down the temperature of summer, also in the past they used this day for the guy to check out the girl to date too.  Because boys and girls usually didn’t meet each other that easy back then, so this time will be the perfect time to get to see and get to know people.  In the present day the government made Song Kran into a festival by adding April 14 to be Family day and April 15 to be old people day making Song Kran become a national festival giving everyone 3 days off.  So this is the biggest time of the year that people come back to their homes and family (Just like Christmas plus Thanksgiving in the USA), but my favorite part is to throw the water.  It is so much fun that you can throw water on anyone and they cannot get mad at you(but please be nice).  The area I recommend to go to celebrate Song Kran is called Ta Noon Khaw Sann or Khaw sann road meaning (rice road).  This place is a famous spot for all foreign people and young Thai people.  I went there a lot of times when I was a teenager and it is guaranteed fun.  Another one is Chang mai which is in the northern Thailand province.  They have a parade and a big celebration that is very neat and beautiful full of northern tradition.  I also went there after my graduation.  I had so much fun.  Another one is in Chonburi which is a province that my family comes from.  They have the tradition called “Lai” which is always a couple days after Song kran.  In the past the tradition of “Lai” is when the guy will carry the girl they like and throw her into the ocean (That is how my dad met my mom!!!), but I’ve never been to “Lai” before so I don’t know how it is now, but my mom always says it is so much fun (of course it was her romantic time ha ha).
Anyway I also come back to Thailand in order to get more food recipes and inspiration from Thailand to write a blog for you to know about Thailand, so stay tuned and I will tell you about my journey to Thailand.

PS : it might be about a couple week I’ll see you again after I settle down with my baby in Thailand.

I’ll See you in a couple week!!!  

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