Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to cooking!!! Steamed Fish with salted Chinese plum.

Steamed Fish with Salted Chinese plum

Thai food culture comes from southern Chinese that moved and lived in Thailand a long time ago bringing culture of Chinese foods like soy products and a lot of Chinese cooking techniques to Thailand with them.  Also Indians came with the Buddhist religion bringing curry and coconut milk.  Thai people developed all of those techniques and ingredients together becoming Thai food that become famous all around the world. 
Why do I talk about this story?  Because this dish is a basically from China so you can also find it in some original Chinese restaurants too(not the take out ones).  We call “Pra-Nung-Bouy” this dish is light and delicate.  We steam the fish with the sauce until it is cooked and top with herbs for aroma.  In Thailand I usually use whole fish to make this dish, but in America I made this dish with filet fish.  I use filet fish for 2 reasons 1st it’s easier to find and 2nd when I use the whole fish it’s scare American folks (like my husband and his dad).  But if you’re not scared and want to make the dish like the original one I recommended using whole fish, because it is a lot tastier.  Let’s get started (I’m getting hungry)

1 Cleaned whole fish or 2 pieces of filet (Any king of white and mild fish Ex. Tilapia, Grouper, Founder)
2 tbsp. soy sauce
2-3 salted Chinese plum with liquid

salted Chinese plum with liquid

1 tsp. sugar
¼ cup. water
¼ cup green onion cut into 1 inch.
¼ cup ginger

Cooking instructions
1.      In a bowl brake down Chinese plum with liquid add soy sauce, sugar, water and mix well

2.      Lay fish in a baking bowl (picture) top with plum sauce.

3.      Cover with foil, bake at 400 o F  until the fish cooked
a.      Whole fish 20-30 minute
b.      Filet fish 4-6 minute per ½ inch thick
 Note: If the fish seem dry add more water

4.      When the fish done add green onion and ginger cover and bake about 1-2 minute.

Microwave Instruction:  Just do everything as above microwave it at high heat for ½ pound of fish for 2-4 minutes, 1 pound of fish 3-5 minutes.

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