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9 Thai good luck dessert

3 Thai good luck dessert

            This blog actually continues from the Kho Kret blog that I wrote last time about all Thai dessert.  My mom told me all of the desserts I bought were called good luck dessert. Good luck desserts are desserts that Thai people believe will bring good luck for you, so when Thai folk have ceremonies they always use good luck desserts to celebrate.  Usually the  name of the good luck dessert means gold or wealthy.  Start with

1.“ Tong Yip” is made from egg yolk and flour then cooked in flower syrup ( flower syrup is made from water that sits in flowers over night and then makes syrup) by making  the shape like a little pan cake then using fingers to pick it up and put it into a small cup it makes it look like a flower( it’s hard to make).  Also it tastes really sweet. 
Tong Yod

2. “ Tong Yod” is  made from egg yolk and flour then cooked in flower syrup just like “Tong Yip” but they have a special technique to drop the batter to make it look like a drop of water and it tastes the same as “Tong Yip”.
Foy Tong

3. “Foy Tong” is made from egg yolk then poured into a banana leaf cone (or a can that has a small hole) and let it drip like a string into flower syrup.  It comes out like golden strings that taste so good.  The meaning is rich.
Kanom Chan

4. “ Kanom Chan” is made from rice flour, tropical flour, coconut milk, sugar, poured onto a mold and then steam until it is cooked.  This process is repeated 9 times forming 9 layers for good luck. (in Thai nine or “Kao” mean forward).   
Tong Ake

5. “Tong Ake” is made from flour egg yolk sugar and coconut milk.  This dessert takes a lot of time and experience to make it.  It tastes sweet and soft.
Mea Kha Noon

6. “Mea Kha Noon” is made from mung bean cooked with coconut milk and stir it to thicken into a ball, then dip into egg yolk and cook it in syrup.
Ja Mong Kud

7. “Ja Mong Kud” this dessert is very difficult to make because it has a shell part just like a tart shell and decorated with watermelon seed candy then put Tong Ake (dessert number 5.) into a shell and top with real gold.  That’s how they make it (don’t worry I’m not making it)
8. “Kanoom Touy Fu” This is a dessert almost like sponge cake but uses rice flour and is steamed instead of baked.   
Sa Nhae Chan

9. "Sa Nhae Chan"   This dessert almost is made like “Tong Ake” but put some of Thai palm( call Luk Chan) powder mix into it and make a shape like a Thai plum.

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