Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 years old market

100 years old market
       This trip I went to an Old fashion market called “Ta Lad Ban Mai” in the Chachangsol Province. This market had been a Market for over 100 years and the community has renovated it to look just like it was a 100 years ago to show the new generation of people how people in the past shopped for foods.  In this market have a lot of things that are hard to find in the present for sale like flower and old fashion toys.  But for me the most interesting is all of the kinds of food, drink and snack. 
Kha Nhom Kui Chai
       Starting with  “ Kha Nhom Kui Chai” or chive dumpling.  Actually this snack came from China (Just like I told you before Thai people have had a lot of influences from China).  It is made from the Chinese chive for the filling and skin or shell is made from rice flour, sticky rice flour and water then cooked until forming a ball and then made into a shell and put the filling inside.  Then stream it in a streamer until cooked.  Eat it is served with sweet soy sauce and chili vinegar.  Caution: this snack has a very strong smell and don’t eat it in a closed in area or dating!!! 
     Next I saw a tiny quail egg that was cooked in a special pan (it’s a big pan with a lot of little holes to cook things separately usually we use this pan to make another kind of snack called Ka-Nom-Krok ).  It’s called Ka Nom Krok-Kainokkata.  This dish actually is for the kids to play with cooking in the past (but we use a real fire and real food) so it is very easy just to coat the oil into the pan and crack egg into each hole, it will be cooked and come out tasting like a fried egg, but the tiny size of quail egg made it looked more appetitizing. 
Rice in lotus leave
       I still walked around and saw one vender selling rice steamed in a lotus leave. This dish actually came from the Chinese also, but for this vender the owner “Kru Rin” told me that she got the special recipe from her mother so she invited me to see how she made it.  For her recipe she used fried with dried shrimp, taro, pea, carrot then she had all kinds of difference toppings and it came with Egg yoke of salty egg, shitake mushroom, sweet Thai/Chinese style sausage, ginkgo. You can pick special meat for toppings like shrimp, BBQ pork, country style rib, pork with garlic sauce, est. It taste really good because one dish combine between salty sweet and Umami taste perfectly.

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