Monday, May 23, 2011

My first teaching Thai cooking class

For the first time I taught a formal Thai cooking class.  This event was at Bradford's On Bishop west midtown Atlanta GA.  This place is a multidimensional facility for culinary education, meetings and banquets.  Chef Richard Bradford the owner gives me an opportunity to teach my Thai cooking here and this is what happened ……

            We started the class at 7.00 pm on May 17th (for me I need to get there early around 2.45 pm to get everything set up ready to teach.)  The name of this class is modern Thai Food1.  This class is about food that is easy to make for people who are starting to cook Thai food.  I have 13 students in my class and also have my sweetie co-chef Hilary to help me in the class.  The menu of this class was Coconut Chicken soup, Thai Basil stir fried and Thai Tea. This was a very easy menu, but you have to know the techniques and tips to make this dish authentic.  The class started with a cocktail and an appetizer.  It was Thai tea with rum and Thai spicy beef salad.
  Then we discussed tips and techniques to make our first dish “coconut chicken soup” and drink “ Thai tea” then everyone began to make their food.  When the soup was cooking we gathered again to get to know the techniques of the next dish “Thai basil stir fried”, then we went back to work cutting, chopping, stirring, cooking, tasting, sneezing and laughing. 
 When the food was finished the students got back to the dinner table ready to eat.  The chef (I mean me and Hilary) served the food that they cooked. The result was all of the students had fun, full tummy’s and Thai cooking knowledge to go back home with.

            After the class a lot of students asked me about if I could teach Pad Thai, Thai Basil Roll, Fried Rice.  I told them they can check it out in my blog and maybe in the future class(If the owner let me).  After the class finished Chef Richard told me the students liked how I teach.  It was fun and they learned a lot of techniques that they never knew before.  He also told me the good news that I will have more Thai cooking classes on the 3rd week of every month.  Oh my god!!!  My dream has come true to teach people how to cook Thai food.  So if you want to see me or know any techniques or tips of Thai cooking just leave me a comment and e-mail and I will have a discount for the next class to give to you….

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