Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Sticky rice pudding with Taro :Khow neaw dum peack puek

For this dessert it is made from black sticky rice.  This rice is one kind of sticky rice that is just like sticky rice but it has a dark purple mostly black color and packed with fiber and antioxidants.  We cook this rice with sugar, coconut cream (If you use coconut you can put it into a refrigerator for an hour then take the top creamy part off of it and use this top part only) and taro.  

Taro is a root vegetable that is edible and the one kind that we use in Thailand has a fragrance by itself that makes this dessert more exotic.  You can find it in Asian grocery stores some times, but this time I found a different kind of taro that doesn’t have the fragrance like I wanted.  Since I already bought them and I wanted to have this black sticky rice so bad ….I made it anyway, but if you cannot find it just leave it out it ok!!! 

 Ingredients: serve for 2
½ cup Black sticky rice
½ cup taro (cut into small cube)
3 ½ cups of water for cooking the rice
 3 tsp. cornstarch
1 ½   cup coconut cream
1/3 cup Sugar
1 tsp. salt
Cooking instructions
1.       Into pot boil the water then add black sticky rice, cook it until rice softens about 30 minute.
2.       Meanwhile cook taro by boiling it in water about 15 minutes or by cooking it (use the fork poke it thru easily) and drain, set aside

3.       Mix 2 tsp. cornstarch with 1 tbsp. water till mixed well, add to the rice then add sugar, ½ cup of coconut milk and cooked taro, keep stirring about 5 minutes. (Taste it, add more sugar if needed) Turn the heat off

4.        In another sauce pan add coconut cream, 1 tsp. cornstarch and salt stir it until mixed well. Turn the heat on and bring it to a boil then turn the heat off
5.       Serve it by putting the black sticky rice into a bowl first, then top with 3 tbsp. coconut cream mixture.  You can serve hot or at room temperature.
Tip : don’t add sugar before the rice is cooked it will make the rice not cook!!!

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