Monday, June 27, 2011

Fried banana

Actually this fried banana is not traditional recipe. Because the original one we use is a different kind of banana called Kruy Num Wa. Kruy Num Wa which is one of the famous kinds of banana that have a unique texture of the fruit itself that is very soft and sweet when it is ripened.  Also pack it with a vitamin that is very good for you, but when it cooked the texture becomes firmer but still having a sweet taste.  In Thailand we eat it, feed the new born baby and cooked with it like fried banana.  Fried banana in Thailand we use Kruy Num Wa that is almost ripe cut into quarters then dipped into batter that has coconut milk, shredded coconut, flour, sesame seeds, sugar, salt then deep fried it.
Unfortunately I did not see this kind of banana much.  Since this kind of banana is hard to find, most of Thai restaurants use regular bananas and wrap it with spring roll skin and deep fry it in order to harden the texture of the soft banana after cooked, but for this recipe I use a wonton wrap.  I got the idea from my friend when she made it for her party one time and I liked it, but I put my twist on the recipe by putting coconut cream cheese mixture into it and it came out great for one of my Thai cooking class recipes and everyone love it!!!


20 pieces wonton skin
2 bananas
3 OZ cream cheese
3 tsp. sugar
¼ cup shredded coconut
2 tbsp. water
1 tsp. sugar powder
Oil for deep fried
Ice cream (optional)

Cooking Instructions

1.       Into mixing bowl mix cream cheese and sugar together then add shredded coconut, mix well

2.       Cut banana into cross-wise about ½ inches thick (one banana make 10 pieces).
3.       Place banana into the middle of wonton skin put about ½ tsp. of cream cheese mixture on the top

4.       Fold the edge of the wanton skin into the middle use water as a glue and make it the same way for all 4 corners

5.       Preheat oil 350 F then add banana wrap to be fried about 1-2 minutes per side

6.       Serve with sugar powder or ice cream.

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