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Curry : Green Curry

        Kang Khew Whean : Green Curry 
        Green curry is one of the most common curries in Thailand.  We serve with steamed rice and rice noodle, but this kind of rice noodle is different from the one I used in stir fried.  This rice noodle is called “Ka-Nom-Jean”.  Ka-Nom-Jean is made from fermented rice flour and looks just like angel hair, but have a softer texture.  Green curry and ka-nom-jean is a central Thailand food.  Some Thai folk believe that if you have a ceremony like a house warming, wedding. We need to have this food for good luck.  But if it is a funeral, don’t serve any noodle food, because it is bad luck and it will bring death to the family.
        Just like I said in my blog Basic Thai Cooking the key to curry is the paste and when I worked at the Thai restaurant a lot of people asked me how about the differences between green curry and red curry?  Are they just adding different food colors in it?  The answer is the paste.  Green curry paste is made from fresh green Thai chili not like red curry paste which is made from dry red Thai chili and a bunch of ingredients.  I have 2 green curry paste recipes from Original recipes from my family.  Another one I created it in America that uses most of (not all) ingredients that are easy to find here.  I will call this recipe modern.  Also, if you don’t want to make the paste you can find it in Asian or Thai markets or sometimes in a special aisle at a normal grocery store.  They have a lot of green curry pastes that taste good also*** it has to be a paste not a powder*** and after the paste is done.  All instructions are the same.

green curry paste
Green Curry paste: original
2 ½ tbsp.  Lemon grass.
1 tbsp. Kaffir peel.
1 ½ tsp. coriander.
1 ½ tbsp.  garlic.
½ tbsp. shallot.
1 tbsp. galangal.
1 tsp. turmeric.
2 tsb. Shrimp paste (it’s a fermented plankton looks like very small shrimp with salt.  Also it smells very strong)
1.       In pestle mash all ingredients except shrimp paste about 1-2 hours or until it becomes paste (I know this sounds crazy, but that’s how my mom did it!!)
2.       Add Shrimp paste and still mash and mix it until mixed well

Green curry paste :modern 
11 Fresh green chilies.
2 ½ tbsp.  Lemon grass.
1 tbsp.lime peel.
1 ½ tsp. coriander.
1 ½ tbsp.  garlic.
½ tbsp. shallot.
1 tbsp. galangal. (I cannot find any substitute)
1 tsp. turmeric.
2 oz. Anchovies.
1.       In the blender(make it a lot easier) add all of the ingredients except anchovies.  Blend about 1 minute or until it becomes paste
2.       Add Anchovies push blender a couple time.
Note: All homemade curry pastes can be stored in zip lock bag lasting about 2 weeks.
Guideline to use curry paste (depend on your taste buds)
1 tsp. for mild
2 tsp. for medium spicy
3 tsp. for hot spicy
5 tsp. for Thai original spicy

Green curry
½  pound of meat (chicken, pork, beef)
2 tsp. Green curry paste (medium spicy)
1/2  cup eggplant (Japanese or Thai)

Eggplant (Green-Thai,Purple-Japanese)

1/2 cup bamboo shoot
1 (14 OZ) can of coconut milk
½ to 1 of water or milk (optional for less spicy)
1 1/2  Tsp. Fish sauce
2 Tsp. sugar
¼ cup of Thai basil leave (if you cannot find it use sweet basil)
3-4 thin slices of red bell pepper

Cooking Instructions:
1.       In the pot add ¼ cup of coconut milk and bring it to boil.  Then add green curry paste, stir it about 1-2 minute.
2.       Add meat, stir until meat cooked and the rest of coconut milk
3.       Add fish sauce and sugar, taste it if it is too spicy add more milk or water (start by ¼ cup)
4.       Add eggplant or bamboo shoot and bring it to boil
5.       Turn off heat sprinkle red bell pepper and Thai basil
Green curry

6.       Serve with Thai jasmine rice or cook rice roman noodle (this kind my Thai friends told me taste like Thai rice noodle)

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