Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Blog World

My name is Sunisa (Kate), I’m from Thailand.  I have a passion about cooking and trying all of the food around the world.  That’s why I came all the way from Thailand to the USA in order to learn culture, tradition and of course food by being an exchange student.  During my time here I ended up meeting my husband and started my family here in GA, USA.   

 Why is modern Thai food?

               My passion for food started with my family.  My great-grandmother is a great cook.   She cooked all original Thai food and everything she made from scratch.  She passed this technique on to my grandmother, my mom and me.  Since I came to America things have changed.  Sometimes I cannot make the food from scratch or use all the same ingredients like the original in Thailand, because it is hard to find some special ingredient and some of the ingredients smell too strong for American taste buds.  Also, I found that some new ingredients in America make the dish taste alike or even better.  That’s how I begun to write modern Thai food.  I will tell you about Thai food including original (to give the respect of the person who made us the wonderful Thai food) and modern Thai food from new generations creation and also my experiment of making Thai food in America. Come along with me I will cook and tell a little story of Thai food.  One thing at a time.

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