Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thai Basil stir fried

Pad: Pad Ka Prow


          For this blog modern Thai food brought you Pad Ka Prow…. This dish is another common Thai fast food served with rice, also some people (like me) add fried egg too.  Me and my friend always make fun of this dish, we call it “no thinking dish”, because when we are very busy at work we don’t think about food, so when we order lunch we always end up with Ka prow gai-kai dow (it’s rhyme) meaning chicken basil stir fried with fried egg.  Sometimes the whole table orders just the same thing that’s how common a dish this is.  I don’t know why, maybe because the rhyme of the name or the tasty and spiciness of the dish.  But one thing I know is the recipe… This recipe is very easy and you can use any kind of meat like beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or frog (I mean it !!) the weirdest kind of meat I have eaten is snake in Basil stir fried (amm.. taste like chicken and fish).  You can use grounded, slice or thick cut.  It’s up to you, for me I like grounded because it makes the flavor mix well together (in my VDO I use thick slice).  Also, you can put in vegetables like bell pepper, eggplant, green bean, long bean, bamboo or onion.  The most important part is “Basil” just like I said in herb blog.  Actually in Thailand we use just holly basil only, because Ka-prow means holly basil just like the name of the food.  My mom she never cooks Thai basil stir fried without it.
Anyway in America and especially in Georgia most of the Thai restaurants use Thai basil not Holly basil, because it is too hard to find holly basil.  My recipe calls for Thai basil, if you cannot find Thai Basil use sweet basil.  I have tried sweet basil one time. It worked OK in the dish, but you need to use it 2X more than Thai basil.  Now are you hungry? Let’s start cooking.

2 gloves of garlic (minced)
1-7 chopped Thai chili (up to your hot level, 3 for medium)
½ pound meat (slice or ground)
¼ cup bell pepper (for the color)
Thai Basil

 ¼ cup slice green bean
¼ cup Thai Basil (If sweet basil use ½  cup)
1 tbsp. oyster sauce
½ tsp. sugar
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
Cooking Instruction
1.       In the pan heat up oil till hot, add garlic and chili stir it until you smell the aroma (Whenever you sneeze that’s it!)
Note: If you can’t handle the sneeze and aroma all over the house just add chili after adding meat (like VDO)
2.       Add meat, stir, add sugar and all the sauce, stir until meat cooked
3.       Add vegetable stir till cooked
4.       At the end add basil turn the heat off and stir till mixed well
5.       Serve with steamed rice fried egg (sunny side up or upside down that’s up to you)
If you want to make it just like in Thailand have lime, fish sauce and fresh chili dipping sauce (recipe follow) on the side. Now it’s complete!!!

Lime-fish sauce and chili dipping sauce
In Thai you can see this sauce everywhere.  Some Thai folk cannot leave without it (my grandpa).  It’s a common sauce on the table, because some people like it tastier than others, so they can fix food up to their own taste buds.  Here is the recipe.
1 lime juice
1tbsp. fish sauce
2-4 chopped chili
No cooking required just mix it together and it’s done.

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