Friday, February 18, 2011

Sum tum (papaya salad) modernThaiFood Style!!!

         This time is I will show you how to make Sum Tum without using a mortar and a pestle, because a lot of people don’t have them in their kitchen(I know not many kitchens in America have it).  Also if you cannot find a green papaya you can use a cucumber or a carrot instead so you can enjoy real Sum tum Thai taste without too much trouble!!!  

Ingredients : Modern Thai Food Style (Non-Mortar recipe)
1 medium carrot chopped
1 hand full chopped green papaya
Note: for slice carrot and cucumber I use potato peeler, peeled it looks like a ribbon.
2-3 cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 globe of garlic
1-1 ½ lime juice
1-2 tbsp. fish sauce
1-2 tsp. Sugar
3 tbsp. peanut
3 tbsp. Dried shrimp (But If you can’t find it don’t worry about that)
1-7 Thai chili (depend on you spicy level)

Cooking Instructions : Modern Thai Food Style (Non-Mortar recipe)

1.       In a large ziplock bag put garlic and Thai chili and 1 tbsp. peanut and dried shrimp pound it with a pan or pounder (whatever you have that’s heavy) until it’s become chunky paste.
2.       Add lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and mix it well.
3.       Add carrot cucumber and tomatoes mix and massage it together till mixed well.
4.       Pour Som-tum on serving plate, garnish with remaining peanut and dried shrimp.

Serve with sticky rice, Grilled chicken (from earlier) Ammm… yummy!!!

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