Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heat up your valentine with Spicy seafood Salad !!!!

         Almost valentine's day so let’s spice up your love with a spicy seafood salad.  Yum Ta Lay or spicy seafood salad is eastern Thai food (where my family came from),  because east Thailand is close to the ocean.  So most of eastern food has seafood for an ingredient.  It’s very easy to make and find the ingredients in America.  Amm…The more I talk the more I’m getting a craving, so let’s get started.

2 cup mix seafood (Shrimp, squid, mussel, crabs stick)
½ cup onion slice half moon
½ cup tomato slice in wedge or cherry tomato cut half
1 Green onion cut into 1 inch.
¼ cup Chinese celery cut into 1 inch (or celery leave)
2 tbsp. Lime
2 tbsp. fish sauce
2-3 Tsp. slice Thai chili or Jalapeno (it’s up to your hot level)
1 tsp. sugar.
3 cup. water
Cooking Instruction
1.       In the medium bowl add lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, stir until sugar dissolved. Add chili set aside.

2.       Put medium pot on high/medium heat, add 3 cup water. Wait until it boils.
3.       Add seafood into pot, stir until it is cooked about 2-4 minute (Shrimp turns pink, squid turns white) then drain it.

4.       Pour cooked seafood in to lime mixer bowl.
5.       Add onion, tomato, green onion, stir until mixed well

6.       Arrange on a serving dish, garnish with sprigs of celery and serve.

Note: This dish is very spicy.  Be careful!!!

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