Thursday, October 13, 2011

Supper Club

A lot of people ask me what’s my favorite Thai restaurant in GA.  I have to be honest with you I don’t really go to Thai restaurants much, because I cook Thai food for myself, but this particular question led me to think about the future for my next project which is Supper club.  What is Supper club?  In my terms Supper club is:  I will cook authentic Thai food that most of you cannot find in a regular Thai restaurant.  The menu will depend on the theme of each event which is just like you take a trip to try a food in Thailand.  So I talked to my boss Chef Richard at Bradford’s on bishop.  He loves this idea, so we decided to have Thai Supper club. Starting on friday November 4th, 2011.  We will start with Thai food in the chart of Top 50  World's 50 most delicious foods .  Because I just found out that Thai food has 4 dishes in the top 50th and the menu will be

Salad : 46th Som tum : Papaya salad

Salad :19th Num tok Moo : Spicy grilled pork salad

Soup : 8th Tom yum kung : Spicy shrimp soup

Entrée : 1st Massaman Curry

Dessert : Sticky rice with mango

The dessert is not in the top 50th but I thought about what kind of meal that doesn’t have a dessert right!!!  So I picked one of the famous Thai desserts to put on the menu to complete the dinner.  I hope you don’t mind to have something extra.  Since this menu is very popular you might think all of this food you could find it in a lot of Thai restaurants, but trust me they do not make this food the authentic Thai style!!!  And this is just the beginning for this supper club you will see all of the authentic menus that you never knew about before.  If you want to join my club please visit Hurry I have limited seating available!!!

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